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love is nor a four letter word - review ISTDP love seminar - Dr. Patricia Coughlin

psychotherapy is a cure throw love (Freud) - we can talk about love, we can hear about it. we can offer it, but sensing it with our all being, with our mind and heart is the reason not just to do therapy but for our reason to live. we are here to connect throw love.

and this is the feeling 140 therapists from all over the world shared in the end of ISTDP love seminar with dr. Coughlin.

this won't be a long summery because love doesn't need many words, we all felt it in this seminar, the way Patricia is working from her heart. she is kind and firm, open and very clear, warming and tough, structured and flexible. Patricia taught us in this seminar to be human in a way therapists often don't learn.

being human as a therapist is to see the suffer and stick with the healthy person underneath, waiting with the UTA for the person to join taking an active stance.

Patricia taught us how the love is intertwined in the ISTDP process and what empathy really is. this is a revolution in the therapy worId where therapists are taught to be nice and let people speak when they suffer. Patricia showed us that you can be active and loving, firm and so close to the patient.

all we do we do in order to love, as well as our patients, but when suffering is there - our job with a lot of love is to stay firm so the suffer will end and healing will take place.

this is our journey - to heal - to help patients heal- with teachers like Patricia and with learning like we all experienced in this loving seminar the world looks a better place to be in.

it's all about the love and it's all about getting healed, it's not about breakthroughs or techniques, so it is so important for us therapists to build our capacity to stay firm with the UTA in a loving manner. often therapists get frustrated with patients for not getting better, wishing for a breakthrough which prevent one from happening.

we can't heal anyone, we can be with love in us, build our capacity to tolerate our own feelings so we can be there for the patients in an active stance until they show up and we can set aside, this was the process of this seminar - when us therapists see the loving way Patricia is treating we can take the firmness that transform to love in it self.

thank you all for your big heart and sharing, this learning experience is the motivation to keep up and spread the word for others to join.

thank you dr. Patricia Coughlin for all the love.

keep the love and the learning alive.

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