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let me tell you about my history?- supervision course with Jon Frederickson

supervision course no. 2 started on June 17. 74 therapists from all over the world and 101 therapists registered to learn together from 3 supervision video sessions by Jon Frederickson. should I tell you about this patient history Jon was asked, no, it's ok the data will tell us! think about it, how long are you spending to talk about therapy? how lone patients spend talking about their problems but not addressing them. Jon: "remember, experiential therapy, experiential supervision:)))", oh yes, so true. the data is right there, we just need to ask, how can I help and the patient will tell us!!! not declaring an internal problem - great - this is what he need help with - declaring oneself - "notice how we don't know what you want help with when you are talking about other people? and that is a barrier here since we can focus only on you, how can we help you with your difficulties? what are you having trouble with?

we learned that when patient don't have an internal focus the front door is locked and we can't do therapy. those are the conditions when we get to active, wanting and begging for feelings from the passive and uninvolved patient.

"psychotherapy is doing a lot with a little" - (Sullivan) and Jon is a master of it, all the data is there: "look at the patient" - does he seem involve or detach?" it's all there guys, just for us to look and describe back to the patient : "notice you offer one word in response to a few sentences? that doesn't work in relationship, this is how you remain uninvolved here and in your life, so I wonder what feelings comes up that keep you away, what feelings coming up here towards me?

the invitation - pressure isn't really for feelings but to open the door for the unconscious, speaking to it, to the man that is stuck behind the defenses so he can take our hand and heal.

such an amazing learning opportunity - you can still join - supervision are recorded and being sent after each sessions - next session - June 27 and august 11.

keep up the good learning and remember - too much talking about is a defense, let's look at the data and pay attention to the person that is right IN front of us and asking our help.

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